Houston news -- In less than two years, Obama is likely to face one of these GOP rising stars in a battle for the White House. Ron Paul had a very successful grassroots campaign and raised a lot of money over the Internet, however, I think the media will give him less coverage as they did in 2008, due to his views on the war, the IRS and the Federal Reserve.  I have therefore narrowed the field down to the above-listed candidates.  

Mitt Romney the former Massachusetts governor has successfully raised money for fellow Republicans through his Free and Strong America PAC.  He is an effective fundraiser and also a staunch critic of the Obama administration especially with issues relating to the economy.


Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin formed her political action committee, SarahPAC, and eventually resigned from her governorship in July 2009.  Virtually every candidate she has endorsed has won his or her election. Sarah Palin told Larry King she hasn't ruled out the possibility of running in 2012.


Paul Ryan, the Wisconsin Congressman, introduced his "Roadmap to America's Future" in 2008 and released an updated version at the beginning of 2010.  An incredibly astute economist, Ryan publicly challenged Obama's Obamacare at the 2010 Health Care Summit and is known for the quote, "Hiding spending doesn't reduce spending."


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